Our district is facing many issues.  The most important being:

  • Declining student test scores and school rankings
  • Fiscal stability in an era of declining revenues
  • Lack of School Board transparency and openness with the community

Declining Test Scores and School Rankings

As a parent I am fortunate that my children attended FPS while our rankings, especially for both Farmington and North Farming High schools were in the top third.   My children received a stellar education and that is what I want and expect for the current students in the district and for the children that will enter the district in years to come.

In order to accomplish this we must make certain that our teachers have all of the tool that they need to be as effective as possible.  Farmington has some of the best teachers in the country.  We need to give them the tools to graduate the best students in the country.  Whether that is the latest classroom technology or the best textbooks, it will be an investment that will reap us the greatest rewards and make FPS a premiere district in the 21st century.

Click here to view current school rankings

Fiscal Responsibility

No one can argue that most school districts are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to their budgets.  FPS is no different.  We must explore every line item and make difficult, yet educated decisions about how our resources are spent.

We must also look to and learn from those districts who have been able to not only weather this fiscal storm, but have come out of it stronger. 

Board Transparency and Openness

The Board is “elected” by the community and that is where they owe their allegiance.  They are the stewards of our hard-earned dollars, and they owe the community and taxpayers their honesty and their openness.

Lately, the Board has not been listening to those they are most responsible. When issues come up that raise the critical eye of community members the Board must be responsive and not divisive. I pledge a new level of transparency and openness, where the community’s voice has meaning.


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